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07 May 2015

Blue-Eyed Roma Japanese Soul

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The violinist and the woman that I am today is a strange mix of a little of everything and everyone that I love…

I am Nika, a Fantasy Art-Rock Violinist…

I was always kind of a free spirit… In real life, I love and need freedom, but even more so, while playing the violin. I’d even go as far as saying that, when I play,  “I am freedom”.  At the Conservatoire, my teachers had even nickname me “The little composer” as I was happily changing the notes or dynamics of the music sheet to play “ones that I liked better” lol.

My play style has its roots in classical music, to be more precise, anything going from the Romantic period up to the post modern era. So I am well anchored in classical, but my playing evolved long ago towards a flashier and darker style, sort of an art rock with a Roma twist. Today, the way I play and compose is with melodies perfumed with Roma and Celtics colors, tainted by elements taken from the modern Japanese pop culture.

Even though I am born blond with blue eyes… I sometimes feel that a hidden part of me has secrets Japanese roots. Ever since childhood, I was always fascinated by Japanese anime and Japanese RPG video games. Years later, I was to fall in love deeply with Japanese music and the sound of its language. It might have also been because in many anime, violin is everywhere… It seems that people from Japan have this unconditional love for the violin…

I am a big Zelda fan, so when I went to Japan for the first time, I wandered around Kyoto countrysides to visit that little cave, the one that inspired  Shigeru Miyamoto with the creation of its legendary Zelda universe.

For me, as an artist  as well as from a fan standing point,  I always felt attracted to the creators’ minds and inspirations. To be able to see it all from a “real life” perspective. I  really enjoy fantasies, dreams and fairy-tales when they have deep ties to the reality of the author’s life. It seems that I can relate to them better that way. Like Andersen and his “Little Mermaid” , Tolkien with his “Lord of the Ring” or even Tchaikovsky and the melancholy hidden deep in his Last Symphony.

When I grab my instrument I have the soul of a fiery and passionate bohemian. Like the mermaid of legends, I like to tease the senses and seduce my listener with sounds and textures. I dive deep into his heart and bring him into my galaxy. I lavish him with emotions, dreams, and images of unknown lands as I play. And more than anything,  I wish to create a special bond with him, through my music and my writing. So that even after just one listen, he’ll be left with my scent, imprinted of the experience of this intimate moment that we’ve just shared.

My love for the Japanese culture also reflects strongly in my play style. I am made of a blend of Fire and Water elements, a fragrant mix of Occident and Orient. The Roma soul within me burns with passion as my Japanese facet is fluid and clear like water, tempering and softening the whole mix. I am not sure what was the exact process of this development,  but this is somehow how I came to be what my fan calls a “Roma/Japanese/Celtic fantasy art-rock violinist”.

As far as writing goes, my writing is genuinely influenced by the likes of Tolkien. I always had a passion for elves, nymphs, dryads and runes, ever since I was a kid. I like ancient fairy-tales, classic french literature, and love Fantasy, I write Fantasy, I read Fantasy. In my free time, I even sometimes play role playing fantasy game with my close friends.

On that note, I decided to share an excerpt of my newest EP with you this time. The piece is called Moonlight Carnival and it’s flavored with those Roma/Japanese/Celtic influences.There is also a fairy-tale that goes with it. The first part of the story will be released with the premium edition of the upcoming album “Hotaru’s Road”.

And you my listener, who are you?” I also wants to discover a lot about you, so feel free to drop a comment under this article or write to me in an email through the contact form below or my FB Artist page.

But for now, come dancing with me under the moonlit carnival.

Moonlight Carnival
Music by Nika

Click here if you want to hear more or would like to buy the “Moonlight Carnival”  EP

* Roma inspired music means g*psy inspired music

Yami ni chiru Galaxy // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival 2016 Edition
  1. Yami ni chiru Galaxy // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival 2016 Edition
  2. Moonlight Carnival // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival 2016 Edition
  3. Tempête de rêves // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival 2016 Edition
  4. Misty Falls // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival 2016 Edition
  5. Yami ni chiru Galaxy // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival
  6. Moonlight Carnival // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival
  7. Tempête de rêves // Nika Cantabile - Moonlight Carnival
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