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12 August 2015

“Projet Genji” will paint Matsuri-Japon sky with 2015 colors.

In my heart, I am also one of those Satoru fans not only as a gamer but also as a programmer; I wanted to do something special.

I am happy and proud to announce that “Projet Genji” will perform twice at Matsuri again this year. We worked hard to create the best concert we could for all of you, a concert with this year flavor that everyone, even little kids can enjoy.

Thinking back on the events of 2014-2015, we can say that a lot happened in the Japanese industry since last summer. With a blockbuster “Attack on Titan” movie, the end of the Naruto manga, many Zelda releases like “Majora’s Mask” or “Wind Waker”, a new Final Fantasy, the changes that occurred within Ghibli Studio and many more, we had more choice and inspiration than we needed in order to create a wonderful set list that would illustrate this fruitful year for our fans.

“Projet Genji” repertoire is usually mainly composed from music taken from Japanese movies, anime series and video games, but this year we decided to offer you a program that is also oriented toward a great man that sadly left us on this last July 11th, a man named Satoru Iwata.

On July 11th, Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo Co., Ltd, died at the age of 55. The company has disclosed the cause of death as a growth in his bile duct.

Fans around the world were very saddened and paid their respect to Iwata by quoting him or making beautiful fan art.
His famous quote from the Game Developers Conference in 2005 was widely shared on Twitter the following Monday.

To quote Iwata in his 2005 GDC Keynote:

On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.

In my heart, I am also one of those Satoru fans not only as a gamer but also as a programmer; I wanted to do something special. Therefore our Matsuri program of 2015 will incorporate more video games titles than usual, as our way to honor the great programmer, and gamer that Satoru Iwata was.

Our two performances will be @ 18:00 / 20:35 on the main stage.

The set list will be as follow, but not in that particular order.
This is only the pieces in alphabetical order.
We are keeping the official order a secret until next Saturday 😉
Oh and we are pleased to announce that this year we’ll have even more interesting guests, as we added guitar to our regular strings setting.


Attack on Titan – Guren no Yumiya
Final Fantasy – Medley
Legend of Zelda – Medley
One Piece – We Are
Studio Ghibli – Medley
Super Mario Brothers – Medley


So please come and see for yourself, this “Projet Genji” painted with 2015 colors.
You can also visit us at the Matsuri main table, where you’ll be able to buy our CD, give us feedback, comments, or even just drop in to say hi and eat kakigoori with me. I am a huge fan of it, last year I spent close to 60$ just in kakigoori lol.

We are looking forward to share this year Matsuri with you guys… Until then, have fun and enjoy the beautiful Perseid Meteor Shower that will be most visible in our sky between today and Friday the 14th.

Nika xxx

“Projet Genji” Matsuri-Japon 2015 members and special guests:

Nika Cantabile – Violin
Shade – Piano
Nicolas Cousineau – Cello
Kenji Suzuki – Guitar

About “Projet Genji”
Website: http://wearegenji.com

“Projet Genji” is the Japanese cover project born from the imagination of the rock violinist Nika Cantabile and her native Japanese pianist Shade.
Genji is a Japanese word coming from the kanji 弦 “string” and 詩 “poem”, those characters, representing the nature of the band, an all string ensemble composed of violin, piano, with sometimes cello and guitar as special guests. “Projet” is a wink to Nika’s French mother tongue. So the name “Projet Genji” is a mix of French flavored with Japanese that represents and honors both of Nika and Shade origins.
Years later, “Projet Genji” repertoire now varies from music taken from Japanese movies, anime series and video games. They are often involved in the Montreal Japanese community and played for many occasions such as for the Japan Emperor birthday, yearly performances at the Japanese summer festival “Matsuri Japon” and more recently, “Projet Genji” performed at the International Film Festival “Fantasia 2015” where their first appearance was a complete success.

A Rainbow Road to heaven

Under partly cloudy skies in Kyoto, a rainbow could be seen above Nintendo’s worldwide company headquarters. Twitter users Kaorin12111 shared a photo of the sight, which carries symbolic weight following the tragic passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Mourning fans have called it Iwata’s “Rainbow Road” to heaven.

About Satoru Iwata (source Wikipedia)

Satoru Iwata (Japanese: 岩田 聡 Hepburn: Iwata Satoru?, December 6, 1959 – July 11, 2015) was a
Japanese game programmer and businessman who served as the fourth president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nintendo.

He expressed interest in video games early on, and later majored in computer science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Iwata joined the game developer HAL Laboratory in 1980 while attending the university. During his early years at HAL Laboratory, he worked as a programmer and closely collaborated with Nintendo.

Notable titles he contributed to at this time include EarthBound and the Kirby series. Following downturn and near-bankruptcy of the company, Iwata became the president of HAL Laboratory in 1993 at the insistence of Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo’s president, and brought the company to financial stability. In the following years, he assisted in the development of the Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. series, among others. Iwata joined Nintendo as the head of its corporate-planning division in 2000.

Nintendo soon saw notable growth with Iwata’s assistance and, as a result, he succeeded Yamauchi as the company’s president in May 2002. Under Iwata’s direction, Nintendo developed the Nintendo DS and Wii video game consoles, helping the company to achieve financial success in the industry. As a self-stated gamer, he placed focus on making games to appeal to everyone, and is widely regarded as a major contributor in broadening video games’ appeal to new audiences through a “blue ocean” business strategy.

Later releases of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U proved far less profitable, prompting Iwata to voluntarily halve his salary as an apology in both 2011 and 2014. In 2015, he put a portion of Nintendo’s focus into the rapidly growing mobile game market; a landmark partnership with mobile provider DeNA was established that March.

Throughout his career, Iwata built a strong relationship with Nintendo fans through social media and his regular appearances in Iwata Asks and Nintendo Direct; he accordingly became the public face of the company.

In June 2014, a tumor in his bile duct was discovered during a routine physical exam. It was successfully removed and Iwata returned to work in October of that year. However, the issue resurfaced in 2015;

On January 28, 2015, Iwata came down with a high fever and was suspected to have influenza; a meeting with shareholders was postponed accordingly. At an unknown point after attending a different shareholder meeting on June 26, Iwata suddenly became ill again. He later died due to complications with a bile duct tumor on July 11 at the age of 55. A formal announcement of his death was made by Nintendo the following day.

Flags at Nintendo’s headquarters were lowered to half-staff on July 13. All of Nintendo’s regional offices took a day of silence on July 13 across all of its social media accounts in remembrance of Iwata. Members across the gaming industry and fans alike expressed their sadness on social media over Iwata’s passing and gratitude for his accomplishments. Fans established memorials across the world, including at the Japanese Embassy in Moscow, Russia, and the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan, New York.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios, stated: “He has given a great contribution to the development of the gaming industry. I will pray for Iwata’s soul”.

Composer and director Junichi Masuda, most known for his work with the Pokémon games, tweeted: “He was a man who understood Pokémon, and a great leader. When I visited the other day, he was well. I will pray for his soul from the bottom of my heart”.

One day after Iwata’s death, a rainbow appeared over Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto and was dubbed “the Rainbow Road to heaven”, a reference to a stage in the Mario Kart series. Funeral services for Iwata were held in Kyoto on July 16 and 17. Despite stormy weather produced by Typhoon Nangka, an estimated 4,100 people attended to pay their respects. Following the wake, Iwata’s remains were cremated.

Fan art tribute and photo credits:




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