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14 October 2019

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ? – “Talks about Alchemy”


“Talks about Alchemy”



“Today Yuki we’re going to talk about the wonderful world of Alchemy”



“Wait? What’s going on?! I thought you were with Nika? And wasn’t I supposed to be with my new playmate?”


“Ughhh… For the last time Yuki, this is not in any way canonical to the story…”


“Canon?! You’re going to shoot me?! Waaaaaah!!!”


“…canon is materials that are related to the main story… This one is not…”


“You mean… We’re characters in a story? Well, that explains why my characterization is poorly written…”


“Yeah… Me too…”


“Actually, in your case Grumpy Uncle… They are cor…”



“Moving on! We’re here to talk about alchemy… Alchemy is the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter.”


“Sounds boring…”


“No, it’s not. It’s actually fascinating. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.”


“Ooooooh! Gold! I like gold shiny things!”


“See I told you it was interesting… Ancient Arabs call it al-kīmiyā… from al ‘the’ + kīmiyā’ (from Greek khēmia, khēmeia ‘art of transmuting metals’).”



“Sooo… Let me get this straight… Humans back then made the ugly coloured metals into shiny gold? How though? Did they use Majïk like us?”


“Well, not exactly… They used various principles to distill base elements and mix them together to create the Philosopher’s Stone…”


“Wait, what Philosopher’s Stone? Is it kinda like the one in Full Metal Alchemist?”


“Yeah… But the one in Harry Potter is more accurate… Created by a human called Nicolas Flamel… However, a lot of historians dispute the claim… Moreso, stating it as fictional… Anyway, that’s irrelevant… I mean, people tried to make it… But failed…”



“Ughhhuaaaah… That was too much info in a short amount of time…”


(looks right in Your eyes)

“Well, I guess we’ll call it a day… Join us next time for the next article!”


(thinks to himself)

“Who’s Grumpy Uncle talking to again?”


? Read part 2 here: ?


“Alchemy, again?!”

?ፈᏗᏝᏗ〄ᏰᎧᏝᏖ? & ?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? "Alchemy, again?!" ***************{Calabolt}"Hey, Haru-kun! I just read one of your articles…

Posted by Nika Cantabile on Monday, December 9, 2019


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