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28 October 2019

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? – “Posting Frenzy”


“Posting Frenzy”


(Haru flies around Nika’s room as if he won the lottery)


“Nika!!! Wake up!!! It is out!!! Finally, it’s out!!!”

(Nika continues to slumber)


(pokes Nika’s cheeks)

“Come on… Wake up already…”

(Haru looks back to the computer monitor)


(tears begin to form)

“Creator’s Ghost, I have done it!

After all the posting, the meetings, and the design edits… Hotaru’s Road Special Edition is now available!!”

(goes on the computer to check the links)


(happily flies backwards in enjoyment)

“Tis fulfilling that I have mastered this world’s te-technology… In just a short amount of time, everything paid off…”


“Now, Nika’s fans won’t be disappointed… Especially when the album has 12 pieces reminiscing that time when SeΓ― (Nika) was captured by the nefarious KrandΓ―yar and her courageous escape…”



“Oh! Do not forget the 4 new pieces featured in this special release, namely…”


“Promontory (from the Last of the Mohicans), S.O.S d’un terrien en dΓ©tresse (from Starmania), Main Title (from Game of Thrones), and my personal favourite…”


“…Nika’s newest original piece: Starlit Bow (A tribute to her late grandmother and family)…”


(thinks to himself)

“I seem to be forgetting something…”


“Oh yeah! I should post this on Facebook to announce that it is now available in your favourite online stores!”


“I can’t wait for Nika to wake up and hear the good news…”

(Haru keeps flying around gleefully as Nika remains asleep)


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Main Title (From “Game of Thrones”) // Nika Cantabile - Hotaru's Road (Special Edition)
  1. Main Title (From “Game of Thrones”) // Nika Cantabile - Hotaru's Road (Special Edition)