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23 December 2019

?ᏁᎥᏦ?? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ? – “A Holiday Concert pt 2”

?ᏁᎥᏦ?? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ?

“A Holiday Concert pt 2”


(Yuki, Nika, and her mother opens the front door)


(flies up and down the doorway)

“That was… AWESOME!”



“I knew you’d like it!”


(trying to act out what he saw)

“I mean the people were like this and… and the girl was doing this and… and their voices… It was soooo coool!”



“It was truly worth it to see them perform…”


(flies towards Nika’s face)

“I wanna go again! Again!”


“Well… They do it every year… So, yes… You can come along with me next time…”



(Nika and Yuki makes their way to the bedroom)


(sits on the bed)

“Wew… That was a long trip…”


“Hmmm… Nika’s tired already?”


(nervously smiles as she gets her bag)

“Well, yes… You were running all around the theatre…”


“But the props were so cool and shiny! I just had to touch em!”


(shuffles her belongings)

“…yeah… anyway, where’s my phone? You took it earlier…”


“Oh yeah! Here it is…”

(Yuki gives back the phone)


“Thank you… What did you use it for anyway?”


(tilts his head)

“I used it to take pictures… I just had to take souvenirs for my diary!”


(looks on the phone’s gallery)

“Oh my, Yuki… You got a lot of pictures…”


“Yep… And I also took some with you… Wanna see?”

Read Yuki’s Diary

?ᏁᎥᏦ?? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ?"A Holiday Concert pt 2"*******************(Yuki, Nika, and her mother opens the front door){Yuki}…

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