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14 December 2016

Enters Haru, the ethereal “ghost” of my five strings electric violin

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Haru, the ethereal “ghost” of my five strings electric violin

<< Nika >>

You’ve probably heard me talk about them, numerous times, here on my blog or on my FB page.  So now is the time to introduce them to you in a more formal way, the elemental soul spirits of earth, water, wind and fire revolving around me and my surroundings at all times.

First, I’ll start with the earth element one, my everyday companion, the ethereal “ghost” of my five strings electric violin, the spiritual and romantic being named Haru.

Among my soul spirits, he is the most Japanese influenced of them all. Haru has a Japanese soul; therefore a Japanese inspired name befits him completely.

Being a moon lover that likes to contemplate the passing of the seasons, Haru is of the type that prefers animals and plants to others’ company. Well… I should add except for the one coming from the inside of our family’s ring, (I and the three other soul spirits surrounding me) Ruri, Yuki and Kazan to whom he got slowly accustomed due to their forced proximity.

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.

– Herman Hesse

Haru doesn’t talk much and prefer to think before saying anything.

When he does talk, he is calm, gentle, graceful and polite even though he still has quite a sharp tongue, once in a blue moon… And this especially when he feels annoyed or disrespected.

He likes the cuteness of Yuki’s, my youthful wind soul spirit, playmate of Yuki-chama my bird but often gets slightly annoyed and tired of their noisy parts.

He admires and I would dare to say maybe even secretly loves my water soul spirit Ruri, but she, seems to have eyes only for Hotaru, the rumored fifth element soul spirit, a mysterious being of unknown origin, that visits her in her dreams.

Haru often clashes strongly and fight with Kazan, my fire soul spirit, but in the end, both are of the kind that would still do anything for each other if ever needed be.

Haru’s name, (Haru), comes from the Japanese kanji (Gen) that means “Counter for strings”. In the Japanese language, “Haru” can also mean spring, which has a different kanji in writing, but share the same pronunciation. So his name can be seen as a cute play on words.

I am not too sure why exactly, but in my mind, when I picture my Haru, that season and imagery comes to mind, as his sound is as pure and refreshing as a spring breeze.

When I sing through his voice, I can somehow picture mysterious forests and endless greeneries. Maybe Haru’s soul could be compared to one of a forest elf, you know, those romantic being wearing green clothes and loving nature and all…

I can almost picture him training daily, armed with a bow and arrows lol. Anyway, even though he usually prefers to play mysterious, he will surely tell you more about him himself later, so I’ll now leave it to him.

So, here’s my Haru, the romantic soul spirit, haunting my violin and that enjoys to hide and loose himself in the woods for hours at a time, thinking, meditating and who knows what else.

I am Haru, the earth element soul spirit haunting Nika’s ‪‎violin

<< Haru >>

Hello you, I am Haru, the earth element soul spirit haunting Nika’s ‪‎violin that loves love, poetry, art, beauty, and ‪nature in all its harmony.

Between recording and rehearsal times, I prefer to be left alone, to get lost and hide in forests or hills covered by fireflies for hours…

My interests are diverse going from classic ‎literature to spiritual healing. I will write and talk about various things here on this blog and on my own FB page created on a new moon night.

You can drop in and follow me there:


My writing will revolve around themes such as: literature, fantasy, ‎Japanese language, ‎French language, the moon its phases and traditions, nature and forests, ancient ‎runes and old languages, Celtic culture and its inspirations, Japanese poems and ‎karuta, ‎symbolism and Reiki, the nature’s healing energy.

I will also write about my own implication through master Nika’s musical moments, and about my daily life as full fledge member of the soul spirits’ family bounded to her.

I look forward to talk with you and read all your comments. You can introduce yourself here below in the comments or interact with me through my own FB page or through our FB group.



The next in line to be introduced will be Ruri, master Nika’s water element soul spirit, and the cutest girl among our kind.

But first, I’ll tell you a secret about her name… 瑠璃 (RuRi)

Individually, both characters mean Lapis Lazuli. When combined, the two means blue bird. All together 瑠璃虎の尾 (RuRiToraNoO) are the characters composing master’s full name, a name born from the Veronica flower…

That’s probably fated, because in a way, Ruri is reflecting, different facets of Nika’s soul. We’ll go into the symbolism and meaning of these at a later time if you want :p

That’s today’s Japanese lesson from your Haru.

I wish you a gentle winter day,


More articles to come from me and from my fellow soul spirits, here on master Nika’s universe.

* Haru is a fictional character created by and belonging to the fantasy violinist and writer Nika Cantabile

** Art Design by Nika Cantabile