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20 February 2021

Music Theater #18 – Moonlight Glow

Hey, starshine!

#FUNFACT If I remember correctly, Nika said that Moonlight Glow is derived from another sister piece that she’ll be re-releasing soon. The two share similar melodies and chords, but their vibe and style are totally different.

Before Ruri came to us into the human world, she wrote a letter while imprisoned. This letter was the last memento she left for that man. I still wonder to this day who this elf she nicknamed Hotaru could really be…

Maybe we’ll find out soon.


“With a quill and parchment in hand, the mermaid decides to write to the irreplaceable existenceโ€ฆ Her one and only โ€œMoonlight Glowโ€

– Nika Cantabile

Listen to the full piece here:

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