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26 November 2019

?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ? – “An Expensive Gift pt 1”


“An Expensive Gift pt 1”



“That is why you must discuss it with me!”


(nervously sweats)

“Are you sure you don’t want Yuki to join in?”

(Yuki flies away from the two, grabbing Nika’s tablet)


“Hmmm… I wonder if Nika still has some games in here?”


(sits down on the couch)

“Well, anything is better than listening to Grumpy Uncle’s boring topics…”

(Yuki swipes on the tablet, looking for something to do)


“No new games… That’s a bit disappointing…”


(perks up)

“Oh! I know! I could just download a new one! Nika won’t mind… Awww, the tablet’s memory is full… What did she…”

(Yuki opens the Google Play app and scrolls on Nika’s downloaded apps)


“Hmmm… She has a lotta stuff… Most of them might be important for her music and work… What to do…”

(Yuki places the tablet down the couch)


“Aaaaaaarggggh! This is so annoying! Why did those two have to discuss that stuff now?! I’m sooo bored…”




(looks behind him)

“Hmmm? What was that?”


(tilts his head on the side)



“Oh! It’s Nika’s pet bird… I wonder what it needs…”

(Yuki approaches the cage and stares at the cockatiel)


(moves back slowly from his branch)



“Hmmm… Maybe he wants to get out for some exercise… Wait, does Nika even let this guy out?”

(the bird stares at Yuki)


“I mean, what’s the harm in opening up your cage? Let’s see…”

(Yuki opens up the cage and the bird quickly flies out)



“W-Wait?! Where are you going?!”

(the bird disappears from Yuki’s sight)


“…and I thought I found someone to play with… Maybe I should just open up Alchemia Story and do some boss runs…”


(flies towards the sofa)

“Yeah… Maybe I’ll do just that… Oh?”

(Yuki sees the bird nesting on the sofa near the tablet)


“Do you want to play a game with me?”


(looks at Yuki wearily)



(grabs the tablet and opens it up)

“OK… Then, I’ll play by myself then… You can just sit there and…”

(the bird violently relents seeing the shiny screen and tries to nest on top of it)


(tries to shoo the bird away)

“W-Wait… No… Don’t do that! You might hit a button or…”

(suddenly a Samsung notification pops up on Nika’s tablet and the bird unknowingly opens it up with his feet)


(holds the tablet away)

“Bad birdie! You shouldn’t take what isn’t yours!”


(flies away annoyed)



“…sigh… Well, at least he left me alone…”

(a video plays as Yuki collects his thoughts)


“Ack… That bird opened up a link… Wait… Isn’t this the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? It looks good!”

(Yuki turns his full attention on the infomercial)


“Ooooh! Nika would absolutely love this! More space for all the new games that I…errr… She wants to try… and you can run almost everything with its huge processing power! I gotta get it!”

(Since Nika previously saved all of her account information on her tablet, Yuki easily places an order)


“There you are, Yuki! We just finished our discussion about the new article… Where did you go off to and…”


(flies in front of Haru’s face)



(frantically chases after the bird)

“Ack?! Who let Yuki-chama out of his cage?!”


“Hey, Grumpy Uncle! Look at this!”


(whistles to the bird and commands it to go back inside its cage)



(holds up the tablet excitedly with an order slip appearing on the screen)

“Don’t you think that Nika would absolutely love this?”


(eyes widening in terror)

“By the creator’s hands?! WHAT did you buy?!”


? Read part 2 here: ?


“An Expensive Gift pt 2”

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ?"An Expensive Gift pt 2"***************{Haru}(scolding Yuki on his recent purchase)"…ugh… I…

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