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01 January 2020

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᏁᎥᏦ?? – “Winter Vacation”

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᏁᎥᏦ??

“Winter Vacation”


(Nika opens the door of her house carrying Yuki along with her luggage as Haru follows behind seemingly tired from the trip)



“…that was such a nice vacation… prrr…”


“I agree… It was a long trip but well worth it…”


(gently laying Yuki on the couch)

“Yeah… Too bad I got sick during Christmas and couldn’t eat or drink anything other than water for a week…”


“I was meaning to ask but, what happened?”



“I don’t know… It’s probably something I ate… Maybe accumulated stress or something…”

(Nika drops her bags on the floor and slumps on the couch beside Yuki)


“…anyway, I hoped it didn’t ruin our vacation in any way…”


(vehemently denies)

“No… By no means, you did not ruin it! We truly enjoyed our time in the chalet! Right, Yuki?”

(Yuki snores)



“Well, seeing Yuki tired like this… Maybe he enjoyed it a little too much…”


(nervously sweats)

“…err…yes, yes he did… It was difficult chasing after him… Moving from room to room, flying past your family members, and jumping up and down the bedrooms…”



“Yes… I do remember you two flying around… Why were you even chasing him?”


“He was up to his old antics with your phone! By the time I reached him, he took a lot of pictures without even asking you…”


(takes out her phone)

“Oh? Really? I wanna see…”


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