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10 September 2020

Music Theater #13 – Eternal Snow (From “Full Moon Wo Sagashite”)


Heya starshine!

#FUNFACT Nika isn’t into Magical girls too much but… I know for a fact that this series touched our hearts much like “Nodame Cantabile”, “Your Lie in April”, and other music-related love stories.

It’s a sad story about a dying 12-year-old girl whose dream is to become an idol to help her reach her lost childhood friend who moved to America. The shinigami accompanying her before her death, transform her into a 16-year-old to let her realize her dream within this last year she has left to live…

Well, Nika might not like Magical GIRLS but I wonder… Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all transform in handsome Magical BOYS? ✨


“Before I knew it, someone was always getting hurt because of me… I hated myself… I was such a weakling. I’m not afraid to die but, I am so afraid to live…” ― Kouyama Mitsuki (Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Listen to the full piece here:

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??? Do you love alchemy, elves, anime, Fantasy and Art-rock music painted with Roma and Celtic colours? ???

Nika Cantabile (

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