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23 December 2019

?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ? – “Long ago in a Galaxy far far away?”


“Long ago in a Galaxy far far away?”


(laser sounds in the background)


(covers his mouth with his hand)

“I knew you would return… Now the circle is complete! *breathes heavily*”

(Yuki humming the battle theme)


(moves his lightsaber downward meeting Yuki’s parry)

“…the force is strong with you…”


(swooshes his lightsaber)

“…strong enough to beat you, Grumpy Vader!”

(the two crosses blades engaging in combat, mimicking lightsaber sounds with their voices)


(manages to ***pretend*** slice off Yuki’s hand)

“…Join me! And together we shall rule the galaxy as Uncle and Kid!”


(pretending to have his hand cut off)

“Never! You-You killed my father!”


(shuts off his toy lightsaber)

“Search your heart… I am your father!”



(Nika steps into the room running)


(looks at the pair)

“I heard Yuki screaming… Wait, what’s happened?”


(summons a gust of wind in his hand)

“Oh hi, Nika! We just saw a great movie on your Disney+ account! I think it was called Star Wars?”


(being blown away by the wind)

“N-No fair, Yuki!”


(tilts his head)

“Eh?! Why? I thought the Jedi have something called the force?”


(covering her face)

“Ack! Yuki stop! You’re messing up my room!”


(stops his spell)

“Oh! Sorry about that Nika!”


(brushing dust off her clothes)



(picking himself up)

“S-Sorry Nika… I think we overdid it a bit…”


“I would definitely understand Yuki however… Haru-kun, this was so unlike you to act like this…”

(Haru stutters)


“Don’t be mad, Nika! It was all my idea… Plus, Haru-kun loved the movie…”


“No, I did not! I just thought that the principles were interesting…”



“Anyway, it’s good that you watched the movie…”




“Because I was about to ask you guys if you’re interested in watching its newest part in the theatre!”


(flies excitedly)

“Ooooh! Yes! Yes! Yes! I wanna go! I wanna go!”



“…I should definitely come along as well… to watch over Yuki…”


“Ok then… Let’s go. Mom’s waiting in the car…”

{Haru & Yuki}


(the group goes out of the house and hops in the car)


(taps on Nika’s shoulder)

“Oh, Nika! Can I borrow your phone for a bit?”

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?ᏂᏗᏒᏬ? & ?ᎩᏬᏦᎥ?"Long ago in a Galaxy far far away?"*******************(lazer sounds in the background){Haru-Vader…

Posted by Nika Cantabile on Monday, December 23, 2019


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